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ASP Global uses a unique international supply chain model to source medical supplies to customers at dramatically reduced prices without compromising quality. Our focus is simple: safeguarding quality while aggressively pursuing ways to consolidate and cut costs for our customers.

Why Pay Extra for the big brand's Marketing, Branding, and Reselling Costs?

World Map - ASP GlobalWe don’t think you should. That’s why ASP Global eliminates non-value expenses such as branding, marketing, and reselling by sourcing directly with manufacturers around the world. ASP Global has cut millions from the cost of purchasing medical supplies while ensuring that quality is never put at risk throughout the entire process from factory to delivery. We ensure that our customers take on no more risk than they currently do purchasing from branded suppliers. Our process gets rid of the middleman to connect our customers directly with the manufacturer while our on-site auditing teams provide assurance that the highest standards of quality are met. Our transparent pricing model provides our customers with detailed cost data that is fully auditable.

Proven Quality and a Trustworthy Track Record

Our platform has been refined for over 20 years and has developed a proven track record showing substantial savings without compromising quality. We have sourced over 3,000 unique healthcare products from 26 countries for many of the leading providers, medical product companies, GPOs, and distributors. ASP Global has never had a recall, has a perfect FDA audit record, and provides service levels at a 99% fill rate. Our customers receive the full benefit of having such a strong supply chain and quality control system that connects them to the best factories in countries all over the world fulfilling their many diverse medical supply needs.

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Inc LogoASP Global is the medical supply company you can trust for the best prices, excellent quality, and the kind of personal customer service you’ve been looking for. For no-headache factory-direct healthcare product sourcing, click or call (404) 696-6999 to contact ASP Global today.

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