Stop paying more for non-value costs!

As much as 30% of the medical products IDNs, hospitals and large group practices purchase, commonly many millions of dollars, are not manufactured by the companies that market and sell them. Why pay extra for the big brand's marketing, branding, and re-selling costs? We don’t think you should. ASP Global has cut millions from the cost of medical supplies while maintaining and enhancing quality in high volume hospital medical product categories. Our global sourcing process eliminates the middleman, transparently connecting our customers directly with the manufacturer while our on-site auditing teams provide assurance that the highest standards of quality are met. Learn more.

Leverage our supply chain for your direct sourcing program

ASP Global works with your health care system to help facilitate an integrated direct sourcing model for your hospital supply chain enabling direct pricing on high volume hospital medical products. We have invested in a hospital supply chain and logistics model that efficiently and effectively ensures safe reliable passage from manufacturing, through customs, to your facility. Learn more.

Proven Quality, Safety & A Trustworthy Track Record

Our insistence on quality ensures providers utilize the highest quality products and the most reliable supply chain. ASP Global owns a perfect FDA audit track record, has never had a recall and provides service levels to customers at a 99% fill rate. You never need to trade quality or safety to save on your high volume hospital products. Let us show you how. Refined for over 20 years our platform has a proven track record showing substantial savings without compromising quality. We have sourced over 3,000 unique healthcare products from 26 countries for leading providers, medical product companies, GPOs and distributors.


“The services that ASP Global Sourcing Solutions provided us were invaluable in helping us reach our goals of dramatically cutting costs while simultaneously maintaining or enhancing the quality of our supplies, that our patients and staff expected .” - Director, Product Development and Global Sourcing for a major urban hospital and ASP Global customer. Read more about how we prove our quality, trustworthiness and savings for a 2,500 bed hospital. ASP Global simply provides global sourcing solutions and the leading portfolio of high quality, low cost medical products via the delivery method of your choice.