ASP Global gives health systems control over

product quality, cost, and design.

We help you reach your savings targets and your patient experience goals by designing and delivering supplies and patient care products.

Patient Preference Items

Choose the patient care products that comfort and engage your patients, improving their experience during and after their stay. Let patients know you care about them.


Customize products to meet your branding needs or clinician and patient preferences. Apply your logo and colors, or custom-build a product to your exact specifications.


Unlock new savings with direct sourcing. Gain direct access to manufacturers to cut out unneeded middlemen, lowering your costs for high-quality med-surg products.

For Self-Distributing IDNs

Meet your unique self-distribution needs with ASP as a supply chain partner. Our product design and direct sourcing capabilities help your organization improve value for thousands of products.

ASP is proud to offer ASTM-rated high-quality face masks that are made in the USA!

ASP Global is a healthcare supply and services company that supports leading hospitals and health systems. We help you access or custom-design med-surg supplies and patient preference items that meet your requirements at the best price.

Some of our popular products include:
Patient amenity kits • Slipper socks • Scrubs and clinician apparel • Disposable PPE • Thermometers
Maternity kits • Patient belongings storage • Cups and cutlery • Pressure-infuser bags • Pill cutters
Tourniquets • Blankets and fans • Respiratory supplies • Stethoscopes

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