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ASP Global is a partner to health systems, providing med-surg supplies, custom products, and patient preference items. By giving health systems control over cost and product design, we help our partners reach their savings targets and patient experience goals.

ASP Global is a privately-held, Atlanta-based company.

ASP Global maintains a robust quality assurance program, with an on-site presence at manufacturer production lines.  We source 3,000+ unique products from over 150 factories in 15 countries and maintain 99% fill rates and compliance with all FDA requirements.

ASP Medical

ASP Global offers supplies under our ASP Medical brand (formerly Tiger Medical Group).


Professional Healing Solutions provides advanced wound care supplies to clinics and facilities or direct to patients’ homes.

ASP Medical Supply

ASP Medical Supply is a wholesale medical products distribution company serving physicians, home health and hospice providers. ASP Medical Supply is the non-acute division of parent company ASP Global.


The makers of the SmartScoot – the world’s leading mobility scooter for adults.

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows

Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows are designed with the patient in mind, aiming to improve the patient experience with reduced healing times, increased comfort, and patient education.

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