Direct Sourcing

Unlock new savings with direct sourcing. Our manufacturing network lets you cut out unneeded middlemen, lowering your costs for high-quality med-surg products.

Cut out expensive middlemen

Half of your brand-name products are made by independent manufacturers, not the brand company on the packaging. Each step between the factory and your end-users adds cost for you, without creating additional value. The costs of various agents, marketers, brokers, and re-sellers are loaded in to the price you pay for thousands of care products.

ASP Global offers a low-risk way for health systems to source products directly from the manufacturer, cutting out unneeded middlemen.

Put more categories under your control

Most health system supply chain organizations are stretched thin, seeking savings in physician preference items or big-ticket supplies. Lower-preference items, like many med-surg supplies, go on auto-pilot, with a default selection from your GPO catalog or a distributor’s white-label products. Costs creep up, and product features don’t always serve your needs exactly.

ASP Global helps you maximize the value of your spend in every category. Our value-analysis experts find price improvement opportunities for you, and our design and manufacturing teams ensure that products meet your needs.

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