Patient Preference Items

Choose the patient care products that comfort and engage your patients, improving their experience during and after their care.

About Patient Preference Items

Patient preference items are the products that your patients use and touch during their stay or post-discharge. When health systems choose high-quality, thoughtfully-designed products, they demonstrate care and consideration for each patient.

Patient preference items can:

Solve patient problems

Provide solutions like earplugs, fans and earbuds hush noisy units to your patients before they ask

Slipper socks, blankets, and lip balm give comfort far from home

Deepen patient engagement

Leading health systems use amenity kits to structure a moment of clinician caring.

Support pillows with autograph space help clinicians create positive memories of the care team for patients at discharge.

Extend patient relationships

Promote service lines like women’s health with branded maternity kits, containing useful newborn supplies and comfort items.

Remind patients of the steps to self-care with branded take-home supplies like scales or electric toothbrushes.


See how one organization chose products to support patient experience excellence in maternity services.


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