ASP Global’s Adam Abraham Transitions into New Role as Vice President of Sales

ATLANTA, GA | March 11, 2021 — ASP Global is thrilled to announce that Adam Abraham has been promoted to Vice President of U.S. Sales. Adam joined ASP Global in spring 2019 as Area Vice President and focused on learning the source-to-spec model. When COVID-19 hit, there were extreme challenges across the healthcare world that Adam and ASP Global tackled head-on.

Adam has over 17 years of experience in B2B and Medical sales. Since Adam started at ASP Global he has been a leader, working closely with numerous health systems in the Midwest and across the country to help health systems get the PPE they need during the pandemic. He also redesigned the internal CRM and sales process while overseeing Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows’ corporate integration into the ASP family of businesses.

ASP Global is on track to continue growing in the new year, and having Adam at the helm of the health system business division will help push this strategy forward. His role in the organization will help support ASP’s growth and the ability to deliver the best services to existing and future health system partners.

“Our continued growth means more pricing power and more reach to manufacturers worldwide to better serve our health system partners with customized patient-preference items and clinician-driven sourcing,” explained Adam. “The healthcare supply sourcing and logistics industries have a flaw that few in the industry are willing to speak about, and that’s the difference between what a health system wants and what they get. At ASP Global, we champion a source to spec model that fills this gap for health systems while also derisking their supply chain through vendor diversification.”

As a direct sourcing partner, we source products to meet the specific needs of health systems. We provide the pricing and customization of working with a manufacturer, with the logistical and warehousing support of working with a distributor. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help identify and meet your unique needs in 2021.

About ASP Global: With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, ASP Global partners with health systems and other healthcare providers to directly develop and source med-surg products and patient-preference items. By giving customers control over cost and product design, ASP helps them achieve savings targets, patient experience goals, and improved quality through direct sourcing.

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