For Self-Distributing IDNs

Meet your unique self-distribution needs with ASP as a supply chain partner. Our product design and direct sourcing capabilities help your organization improve value in hundreds of categories.

Take control of your whole value chain

Health system supply chains must be transparent for cost and quality control. A global sourcing program in partnership with ASP Global gives you control over each step of the value chain, from the manufacturer’s product design to your facility. We let you cut out the hidden costs of unneeded middlemen like agents, brokers, and re-sellers. We give you full visibility into product costs, and our team of experts is ready to find additional savings opportunities for you.

Meet your unique needs

Self-distributing IDNs vary widely in their supply chain strategy and end-user requirements. ASP Global creates a connection between you and our manufacturers to customize product design, packaging, and shipping to meet your needs. Our partnerships with leading IDNs range from single-product custom design projects to full product portfolios.

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