Better products and better prices

help you reach your goals.

Our network of manufacturers, product designers, and value analysis experts help you to maximize your margin and to compete in consumer-driven markets, with new products and new sources of savings.

We work with executives and senior leaders in these areas:


ASP Global offers a full range of patient preference items – the supplies and products that patients interact with during their stay and take home with them.


We can apply your brand to any product, to help you engage with patients and your community.


Cut out expensive middlemen hiding inside your cost structure. Our direct sourcing model lowers your costs and puts you in control of more categories.


Maximizing value requires improvement in both cost and quality.  ASP Global helps you do both, by giving you control over product design to satisfy clinicians and patients, while our direct sourcing model lowers your costs.


Our supply chain experts understand the challenges within your self-distribution model, and we can design a partnership to support you, whether in a single category or across a portfolio of products and services.

Patient Preference Items

Direct Sourcing

Custom Product Solutions

Self-Distribution Support